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Editor's Note :: Meredith Younger + Joan Wyand


Collective Practices

Free Your Collaboration :: Trebor Scholz

Review of Traumkombinat :: JohnJ McGurk

[Collecting Systems] :: Julio Castro, Cecilia Wendt, Rikke Luther

and Brett Bloom


Interventionist Diaries

Interconnection :: Gillian McIver, Luna-Nera

FLOTSPOT :: Laurel Beckman

re-mix(tape) for/or the city :: Andrew Oesch + Megan Hall

Making Waves :: Anna Shapiro

Space-Structures :: Ulrich Doenitz

Strategies of Intervention :: Ulrich Doenitz, JohnJ McGurk, David Allyn


Contemporary Nomadism

Eastern Windsor :: Shawn Micallef

Regal Road Public School :: Matt Blackett

Urban Car Camping :: Ted Kane

Camp for Oppositional Architecture :: Alob Switt

Mapping Empire :: Molly Wheelock


Free Culture

Shopdropping: Three Case Studies :: Marisa Jahn

Shopdrop Marketing ::

The Costly Evolution of a Large Beast :: J. Gabriel Lloyd


Public vs. Private

Mapping Memory :: Lori Napoleon

Superquadras of Brasilia :: Wendy Andringa


Provflux 2005 Call for Submissions (download .pdf)

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