Table of Contents

Intoduction to the Psy-Geo Provflux

Map of Event Locations

Event Schedule


A Guide to the Provflux Artists

Mapsproject :: Lori Napoleon

Curb Appeal :: Betsy Coulter

Oxygen Mapping in Narragansett Bay :: Emily Saarman

Manifesto :: Potato Planting Brigade

Places between Name and Space :: Anna Shapiro

Dark Trail with Ice Cream :: Sarah Zurier

one hundred and three things :: Leah Beeferman

Benefit St. Upclose :: Kerry E. Adams

Post-Postcard :: Erika Howsare

Starts at Home :: Jennifer Tynes

Mobile Urban Research Laboratory (MURL) :: Elijah Driscoll + JohnJ McGurk

Reconstructing Providence :: Robin Amer



The Uncanny Space of Decay :: Dylan Trigg

Tower as Tableau :: Tim Waterman

The Vagracy of Uncertainty :: Colette Meacher

Are We Misleading Ourselves? :: J. Gabriel Lloyd



Nato Thompson :: JohnJ McGurk

free103point9 :: J. Gabriel Lloyd



Stories of Lightweight :: Erika Howsare

Fakespear :: Providence


Cover Art

Front :: JohnJ McGurk + David Allyn

Back :: JohnJ McGurk






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