Trickle Down… Rise Up!
Issue 1
Volume 2

Table of Contents

Part I :: Trickle Down…

Breaking Down the System of Redevelopment :: editorial by Meredith Younger
Shelter from the Bubble :: Ray Huling + Amy Stitely
Three Cheers from Gentrification :: Andres Duany
Response to “Three Cheers…” :: Greg Will
In Support of a Slow Growth Approach :: Clay Rockefeller
Civics 101 :: Anna Shapiro + Ashley Mercado
There’s This Thing Going On. It Sucks. :: Mike Taylor
Commercial Space in Providence :: Lisa Carnevale + Erik Bright, PCIS
“Blight” + Tax Incerment Financing :: Chris Hu
Definition of Terms :: Suzanne Moniz

Part II :: Rise Up!

Creating Free Information Development :: editorial by JohnJ McGurk
“Our”chitecture :: Jayson Claude
Who Is LAND For? :: N55 interview by Brett Bloom
Toward a Counter-Spectacle :: Quinn Corey
Landscapes :: graphic art by JohnJMcGurk
Bevar Christiania :: JohnJ McGurk
Some Kinda Funny “Porto Rican”? :: Claire Andrade-Watkins
SOLARE1: Lean Linear City :: Paolo Soleri
The Cultural Geography of New Urbanism :: Frank L. Stieber
Excerpts from “A Formulary from New Urbanism” :: Anusha Venkataranman

Special Foldout Section :: Provflux III

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Editors :: Meredith Younger + JohnJ McGurk
Cover Art :: Allegra Richards, age 6
Art Director :: Meredith Younger
Graphics :: JohnJ McGurk + Ashley Mercado
Web Design :: Meredith Younger

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The Steel Yard
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