Local links, Providence, Rhode Island

The Steel Yard :
A really great project in the heart of the old industrial district of Providence. Always looking for good people to help out in getting projects off the ground.

Puente : A mixed developement project on 60 Valley street outside of downtown Providence, looking to be an excellent opportunity for community building and micro buisness developement.
Monohasset Mill Project : The adaptive reuse of an old mill building on the edge of Olneyville and Smith Hill. A project that emerged from the Eagle Square debate.
Art In Ruins : For current events and a ton of info on Providence's urban environment, check these guys out.
AS220 : The premiere venue for contemporary music and events in Providence, we tip our hats to the continued success of this organization...
Greenway Project :
The Woonasquatucket River Greenway Project will include a 5.7-mile greenway, paths, and green spaces stretching from the Johnston/Providence line toWaterplace Park in downtown Providence.
Firehouse13 : We are excited to see what happens with this organization, there has been talk of new things happening at this space, we wait patiently.

Lots of Noise :
For an intro to the Providence music scene this is the first stop..

RISD : The Rhode Island School of Design

New Urban Arts : In the heart of the Westminster Revitalization on the west side, this is a great organization.
Rhode Island Preservation Society : Preservation, Preservation, Preservation..

American Psychogeography, Experimental Art and Architecture


Glowlab : New York based group of urban experimenters. These folks have created an amazing clearinghouse for information on the urban experience.

Free Cooperation : Check this out for some visionary thinking on the future state of collaboration and networks in the arts and society.
Archinect : The goal of Archinect is to make architecture more connected and open-minded, and bring together designers from around the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines.
Toyshop Collective :
New York based group doing all manner of strange and desirable things..
Institute for Advanced Architecture(IAA)
The Institute for Advanced Architecture is an independent, private
institution dedicated to advancing Architecture through research, exchange,
and exhibition.
Deconstruction : A Deconstruction and Building Materials Reuse Conference in Oakland, California, with the Annual Conference and Meeting of the Used Building Materials Association.

Texts, Essays, and Small Press Sites


AnArchitektur : Sponsors of the CFOA, the Berlin based quarterly is one not to miss, that is, if you can read German.

306090 :
Always looking for submissions and dedicated to young architects and professionals. Looking to get published
Autonomedia : If your looking for an excellent source for critical and political essays and articles, these guys are top notch. From NYC, the book selection is quite impressive.
Derive :
A German magazine about urbanism and exploration. It looks really great, but
they don't put enough on the web, you have to order them to read everything.
Subsol : For text and essays on the role of the public in art and everyday life, this is a great resource of recent texts on all kinds of critical and experimental cultural practices.
Monu : A German magazine on urbanism, these guys are always looking for essays.

International Psychogeography, Experimental Art and Architecture


Social Fiction : Maybe in Amsterdam, maybe not, we are not sure, but Wilfried Hou Je Bek is doing some interesting work in the realm of far out psychogeegraphic practices and techniques.

Longitude : If you are trying to find art work from every obscure avant-garde movement ever, this is a must visit site.
Copenhagen Free University(CFU):
Rumored to be a great resource for those studying and researching the
avant-gardes of this century.
Space Hijackers : London based trouble makers for all things urban.
Club Real :
Berlin based performance group, blurring the lines between fantasy and
reality on the fringes of the city.
Archilab : An Archittectural Conference in France, not to be missed?
Exzyt : From Paris, these guys are doing really exciting work.

The LRM :
loitering with intent to make manchester wonderful

the lrm